The Run Around – Chicago, IL

The year was 2006. The day was no different than any other Fall Day in Normal, IL. 5 guys got together for the first time in a cramped basement to start what can all only be described as an epic adventure that they only slightly remember. Fueled by a desire to write uninhibited Party punk and Admiral Nelson The band started playing house parties and found their way onto some of the biggest stages In America (SummerFest Milwaukee, Congress Theater Chicago to name a couple) Their sound has progressed immensely since they met while in college at ISU (They all now reside back in their homeland of Chicago) but one thing that hasn’t changed since the first time they stepped on stage. The energy in their live show is unmatched and is sure to suck you in from the first song to the last. So come check out their music and better yet do yourself a favor and go to a show you might not remember the night but it’ll be one of the best you’ve had yet. More than likely they will be the guys taking shots at the bar if you want to say hi.