Life Barrier – Buffalo, NY

Life Barrier formed in Buffalo, NY over the summer of 2015. After extensive writing, they performed their first show in April of 2016, and by March of 2017 they announced their signing with record label We Are Triumphant, alongside the release of a music video for their single “The Storm”. Later in May, they released their debut EP “A Light To Guide This World”.
Tackling complex issues such as mental illness, domestic abuse, and racial inequality with their music, Life Barrier wants to encourage everyone to push forward through whatever is holding them back from their dreams and personal happiness. The band wants to emphasize this message to their audience: “Do not let things like religion, politics and other people control you through fear. Live your life the way you want and do not let anyone negatively affect your own well being. You have potential to do great things in this world. We believe in you.”