How does Merchcore work?

One Band. One Shirt. Never Again.

Each day on Merchcore, we feature one band, like yours, to sell an exclusive one day only shirt to be sold for 24 hours and then never to be seen again. Your fans buy it, and you get paid! Your band will work with the design team at Merchcore to come up a unique design that fits your bands sound, look and style. The shirt will then be launched at midnight EST on your specific day and will have 24 hours to be sold to your fans! The following day, you get paid and we ship out your shirts to your fans!


1. We Set Up Your Merchcore Day!

Prior to your featured day on Merchcore, you will work with our team to set up the specific day to launch your shirt. You will then work with the design team to create your perfect design to sell as a limited edition shirt to your fans. Once the design is finalized, we will send over multiple realistic mockups that you can use on social media, your website, and e-mail list to promote your exclusive shirt!

2. Your Merchcore Day Arrives!

Prior to launch, you will have promoted your exclusive shirt to your fans so that on midnight of your day, they will be ready to buy. We advise that you promote prior to the day and then several times on the day as well to boost the sales. Each shirt is $15 + $3 shipping. Your fans then have 24 hours to buy your exclusive shirt. Once the clock hits midnight for the following day, your shirt can never be sold again!


3. Your Band Gets Paid!

The beauty of Merchcore is that your band gets paid without investing any money whatsoever! If you sell even 1 shirt, you get paid! After your 24 hour time period expires, you will get paid within 1-2 business days via PayPal. Here is a breakdown of how much you get paid per shirt at various quantities sold:

1 – 5 shirts sold: $2.00/shirt
6 – 10 shirts sold: $3.00/shirt
11 – 19 shirts sold: $4.00/shirt
20 – 99 shirts sold: $5.00/shirt
100 – 199 shirts sold: $6.00/shirt
200 – 299 shirts sold: $6.50/shirt
300+ shirts sold: $7.00/shirt

Sell 25 shirts, you get paid $125! Sell 50 shirts, you get paid $250! Sell 100 shirts, you get paid $600!

4. Merchcore Takes Care of the Rest!

Once your Merchcore day has passed, your shirts are screenprinted 2-3 days later. On that same day, we ship out each individual shirt to your fans! We do not send you the shirts for you to have to send out yourselves, we take care of all of that on our end so you can simply sell your shirts and collect the money. It is simply the easiest, risk free merch endeavor you will ever have!

If you are in a band and would like to be featured on Merchcore, please e-mail us at [email protected].  Thanks!