Countermeasures – Virginia Beach, VA

Countermeasures is a metalcore band from Virginia Beach Virginia. Formed in 2015, they released their first EP, “A Moment Of Self-Reflection” in July of the following year. Shortly thereafter, they underwent a fairly drastic lineup change, with bass player Sean Martin moving to vocals and recruiting Caleb Wilson on guitar after the departure of their original vocalist and guitarist. They, along with founding member Jake Norton (drums), then brought Napoleon Brown on board as their new bass player to complete the new roster. Following the lineup change, they released their single “Hollow Words”, a representation of the new direction the band is heading in. After spending 2017 playing shows across their home state of VA, they experienced a hiatus due to Caleb and Napoleon being deployed by the US Navy. However, they did not remain idle in the down time, as they have written and recorded plenty of new material, which they plan to release in the coming months.