Above The Mendoza – Center Valley, PA

Since their inception in a Temple University apartment bedroom, Above the Mendoza has obtained great success at home in the Lehigh Valley, in the city of Philadelphia, and in the suburbs between.
Following the release of their debut EP “Fast Forward” in August of 2015, the band has toured the east coast and across the midwest, gaining a strong following from Boston to Chicago and everywhere in between. With the release of their sophomore EP “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch”, ATM has stepped up their game, showcasing the band’s musical progression as well as lyrical maturation. The content delves deep into stories of growing up, overcoming everyday obstacles, and life on the road. The band is bridging the gap between classic 00’s and new school pop punk while throwing in their own twist, creating a unique sound that is sure to make a splash in the music scene and leave listeners singing along.